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    Ethical Decision Making-5-Question vs. Pastin Approach

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    Is the 5-question approach to ethical decision making superior to the moral standards or Pastin approach?

    In what circumstances would each approach to stakeholder impact analysis (moral standards, 5-question, and Pastin's approach) be most useful?

    Generalize about the approaches and describe when each would be most or least useful.

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    In conducting a stakeholder impact analysis of the situation described, using the moral standards approach, I would analyze three aspects: utilitarian, individual rights, and justice. The utilitarian aspect reviews the impact upon the greater good. In other words, because society as a whole stands to benefit more than the residents and employees of the center, one might decide that the new development would be the better decision. Considering the individual rights aspect, one might decide that the new development is not in the best interest of all parties individual rights involved unless an alternate new home is put together for the elderly. The justice aspect is concerned with justice being served equally to the stakeholders. Again, only an ...

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    The solution describes the 5-question, moral standards, and Pastin approaches to ethical decision making and outlines under what circumstances each approach might be more useful .