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    Global Business Ethics and Leadership

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    Hello I need help developing response to the following questions:

    1. What risks might occur in dealing with different employee constituencies? Is it possible to use one set of criteria to hire nationals of the host country and different criteria to hire nationals of the country in which the organization is based? What American ethical, legal, and fiduciary responsibilities still apply when considering hiring candidates of any country?

    2. How do Hames' five literacies prepare business leaders for the future? In what ways do these literacies depart from leadership practices of the recent past? Prioritize the most significant literacies. Which ones would you apply in an organization that you are familiar with, and why? What might be the resulting changes?

    3. What risks lie in imposing ethical values on another culture in a business or an organizational setting? Provide specific examples. Whose ethical standards should you use in the global setting?

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    Risks relating to dealing with different employee constituencies relate to differences in culture. Risks include misunderstanding of communication, ineffectiveness of incentives, and chronic conflicts in the workplace. These can have a serious negative impact on employee morale, employee motivation, and productivity.
    It is possible to use one set of criteria for hiring home country employee and a different set of criteria for host country employees. The purpose of hiring can be different, the strengths that the company is seeking in applicants is different, and skill sets of the two groups of employees can be different.
    All American ethical, legal, and fiduciary responsibilities still apply. The recruiter must be fair; he must not discriminate, and has to follow all American Labor laws. He cannot discriminate on the basis of race, color, ...

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