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Global v. Domestic Leadership and Social Responsibility

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Whether global leadership varies from domestic leadership in terms of social responsibility. Answer can be concise.

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Leadership regardless of whether it is on a global or domestic scale must accomplish its objective, which is to provide a vision to the organizational members that can be internalized and acted upon (Pree; Kouzes; Posner 2003). Organizations and business entities do not exist in a vacuum they are part of the social fabric and must participate within their communities on a local, domestic and international scale.

The fundamental principles of leadership are the same whether it is global or domestic. Leaders should be ethical in their business practices and strive to provide an example of the type of organizational behavior they require (Yukl 2007).

The totality of leadership within an organization requires ...

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This solution comprehensively compares and contrasts global and domestic leadership in the context of social responsibility, and provides in-text citations and references.

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