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Perception in Decision Making

Examine the role of perception in the decision making process. (300 words only)

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Decision is essentially a cognitive process. The different options are searched and an apt course of action is chosen. The decision making process leads to the selection of a course of action. In other words decision making is a process that uses logic and reasoning, the choice however may be balanced or may not be so. From another perspective, a decision is a psychological action. Nobody can physically see a decision but from the physical actions one can deduce that a decision has been taken.
Decision making is influenced by a variety of factors including the expertise of the decision maker, the context of decision making, age of the decision maker and the time process.


Perception plays an important role in decision making. It is ...

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This posting discusses the role of perceptions in the decision making process.. In addition, this posting discusses how the decision maker searches for information. .