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    Perception and Individual Decision Making

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    I want share the information/concept about "perception and individual decision making" with my class. I need to discuss how the topic relates to "real life". Are the theories addressed in the chapter realized in the workplace? Is there a "disconnect" between academic theory and the "real life" workplace of today? I can chose magazine articles or personal experience or anything else that comes to mind. My purpose is to involve other students in the course content from my perspective.

    For example, if I want to explain by using the example "how perception affects the decision -making process" or "Contrast the three ethical decision criteria."

    I need one example, or if you can give me some suggestion of doing this assignment. I will be very appreciative if you can help me out.

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    By example and diagram, this solution examines aspects of the information/concept about "perception and individual decision making" to share with the class.