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Factors of Influence and Decision Making

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Use the "Forces of Influence" framework list below and build your own customized "Forces of Influence" list. The list should contain 3-5 items, prioritized by impact and described in detail. Consider the last five decisions, personally or professionally, you have made. How did your "Forces of Influence" impact the decisions. Please add any examples as a method for enhancing the detail.

"Forces of Influence" framework

Contextual Factors
Individual vs Group Impact
Personal Attributes
Thinking Styles
Stakeholders and their interests
Collective perception "Group Think"

Others you can think of not on this list?

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//Before discussing the forces of influences, firstly, we will discuss the 'Decision Making Process'. We will also discuss the effect of personal attributes in the decision making and how it affects the decision making process of an individual.\

Decision making

Decision making is a process to arrive at a decision; the process by which an individual or organization selects one position or action from several alternatives. It is an act of projecting one's own mind upon an opinion or a course of action. Decision making is an indispensable component of management process and manager's life which is filled with making decisions after decisions. The decisions can not be related to profession only. There can be a mix of personal and professional decisions (McKenna, 2000). The decisions of an individual can be affected by various forces. Some of the forces that influence the process of decision making are described below.

Personal attributes

Personal factors are extremely important in decision making process. While motivation, learning, perception etc. deal with some specific aspects of human behavior, personality takes the whole man concept because it affects the various psychological processes. Different attributes of a person which affects the decision making are external appearance, behavior or social stimulus values, inner awareness of self as a permanent organizing force and the particular pattern or organization of measurable traits both inner & outer.

Personal attribute is a framework of personal philosophy which governs and influences the individual reactions and responses ...

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The response address the queries posted in 1014 words with references.

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