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Where does decision making bias come from?

Bias is not just about injustice (the way we we allow our feelings about the color, gender, religion, shape of others to affect our treatment of others and their causes). In fact, perhaps surprisingly, most of the decision making bias uncovered and studied in this research area is not that sort of bias at all. Most decision making bias comes in the form discrimination towards data or information. And most of that "discrimination" is due to mental errors we make in trying to manage more difficult conceptual tasks than we are capable of handling.
Discuss bias and the impact on decision making

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Concepts are the mental categories that we use to classify data or ideas, usually through a common set of factors. We have ideas of how certain tasks should be performed based on the information or data that we have, which may not necessarily be all-inclusive. However, comprehensive or not, we've already generated cognitive bias "based on observations and generalizations that may lead to memory errors, inaccurate ...

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