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Critical Thinking for Ethical Reasoning

Which critical thinking elements are most applicable to ethical reasoning? Which elements are your strengths and which elements are your weaknesses? (Consider perception, assumption, emotions, language, argument, fallacy, logic, and problem solving.)

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For ethical reasoning: Critical thinking elements.
Perception: perception is important because if the ethical dilemma or the unethical act is not perceived by the person concerned then he is not able to reason about it. For example, if the Minister is not able to perceive that the Prime Minister is corrupt, ethical reasoning does not begin.
Assumption: If the ability of the person to make valid supposition is not well developed then such a person will not be able to think of the ethics of the situation. For example, if a poverty alleviation program is not effective then the program manager must make a supposition that there are ...

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This posting discusses the important aspects of ethical reasoning. .. It also shows how critical thinking elements are important to ethical reasoning.