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    Reasoning and Critical Thinking Explanations

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    Hello, I need help with answering some questions relating to critical thinking. If you could, please provide examples along with the explanations so that I can have a better understanding.

    1) What roles do ethical and emotional appeals play in an argument?
    2) Is there such a thing as an over-reliance on logic? Explain.
    3) How do we use deductive reasoning to affect conversations or arguments?
    4) Can you provide an example of a time when language comprehension caused a misunderstanding of a metaphor being used?
    5) What technology do you feel has inhibited a specific skill you use to have?
    6) What process do you feel people go through when making ethical decisions? Do most individuals base it on how many people they will affect emotionally? Do you feel one is greater than the other?
    7) Why do we tend to rely on emotions when making important ethical decisions?
    8) Do you feel fragments of information are sometimes more or less affective at the workplace?

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    1) Ethical appeals are utilized to appeal to the opposition's sense of justice and of rightness, in order to help to bring them to your way of thinking. An example would be asking the opposition if it would be just to deny equal access to employment for minorities, in an argument concerning job discrimination. Emotional appeals are utilized to get the opposition emotionally involved in the argument, in order to utilize this as leverage by which to gain an advantage in persuading them to understand your perspective on a given issue of disagreement. An example would be provoking anger in a congressional debate, which would cause the opposition to lose their ability to think clearly, and thereby increase your chances of winning the debate or argument.

    2) I don't think that there is such a thing as overreliance on logic. This is due to the fact that objective reasoning and logic is the ...

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