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    Using Sources of Power Ethically

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    The CEO of a large company has retained you as a management consultant to look into an area of concern that she has. With many of the recent corporate scandals, she is wondering how she can avoid these sorts of problems within her company. She has asked you to research and prepare a report that summarizes the various kinds of power she has at her disposal and how this power could be effectively utilized to avoid these sorts of problems within her own company.

    There are a myriad of leadership models, most of which discuss sources of power. Using the model presented in your text and accessing other sources as supporting material, list and explain the sources of power that the CEO of a large company typically has at her disposal.


    Explain the role of individual differences and traits in leadership.

    Apply ethical reasoning skills and ethical theories to business situations.

    Recognize situations that present potential legal and ethical issues and develop solutions for those issues.

    Apply critical thinking skills to analyze business situations.

    The Art and Science of Leadership - 6th editions - Nahavandi

    Describe how these powers can be used to avoid the various operational, administrative, and ethical problems experienced by companies. Please respond to this question by identifying three specific business problems that can be addressed through the use of "influence tactics." For each specific problem, describe the influence tactic that should be used, the source of power behind that influence tactic, and why you believe that this influence tactic will effectively address that problem.

    Need help writing a 3-4 page report, must be original, APA format and references.

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    Leadership Challenge: Using Sources of Power Ethically

    CEO Sources of Power

    CEO, Chief Executive Officer, is the title of the highest position that can be held in an organization. President is also another title used in place of CEO. The CEO is the one that is responsible for everything and anything that happens in the organization. This can be anything from the landscaping done outside to the financial status of the company to punishing or firing employees. A CEO has certain duties to accomplish and only the CEO can do them. They are as follows:

    1) The CEO must set the strategy of the company.
    The CEO decides what the business will be and what strategy the company will follow to achieve success. It is a strategic decision.

    2) The CEO organizes and builds a senior team.
    Every executive in the organization reports to the CEO. It is the CEO's job to hire, fire, and manage the executives.

    3) The CEO sets the culture for the organization.
    The culture of a company is how the company thinks and what the members of the company do ethically. "Culture refers to those learned behaviors characterizing the total way of life of members within any given society (Hughes, Ginnett & Curphy, 2010, p. 150)."

    4) The CEO signs the checks!
    The CEO is responsible for everything and anything so he is the one who has to figure out where the money will come from and where it will go.

    The Role of Individual Differences and Traits in Leadership

    Traits are not what make a leader. When leadership is at its best is in the situation at hand. "Today, modern theorists consider leadership to be a complex interaction between traits, behaviors, and situational characteristics (Ricketts, 2009)." A leader will persuade or influence people towards a goal. There are differences that influence leadership roles. "The Individual Differences Framework (IDF) was developed to illustrate individual differences and their complex components. Two important factors that determine individual leadership characteristics are heredity and the environment (Ricketts, 2009)."

    Genetically, the characteristics that make up any human ...

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