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    Ethics and Thinking Critically

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    Please discuss the following:
    What is the relationship between critical thinking and ethics? Please explain.

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    Critical thinking is the intellectually disciplined process of actively and skillfully conceptualizing, applying, analyzing, synthesizing, and/or evaluating information gathered from, or generated by, observation, experience, reflection, reasoning, or communication, as a guide to belief and action. In its exemplary form, it is based on universal intellectual values that transcend subject matter divisions: clarity, accuracy, precision, consistency, relevance, sound evidence, good reasons, depth, breadth, and fairness.

    It entails the examination ...

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    This solution examines the process and elements of critical thinking, and divides it into two components to elucidate the complexity of this activity. The relationship between critical thinking and ethics is also discussed. This solution is comprised of about 315 words.