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    Homosexuality & Pornography Ethics Discussion

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    Hi, I only need about a hundred words for each question with one reference each.

    1. In Chapter 18 of Waller, (Waller, B.N. (2011) Consider Ethics. 3rd ed. ISBN: 978-0205017737) you will find two arguments regarding Homosexual Sex. (Finnis works to articulate that Homosexuality is wrong) Please use one of the arguments to compare and contrast your own stance to either John M. Finnis or John Corvino. Make sure to address (and cite) specific statements from the essay that you are analyzing. Discuss how the argument you have chosen is either supported or opposed by religious teachings, and whether or not that should have an impact upon the analysis of the issue.

    2. Assume for the purposes of discussion that pornography is harmful. What is implicit in our conception of the nature of human beings if we accept the argument that government censorship is required to reduce or eliminate pornography? In other words, if we support the right of government to censor sexually explicit material, what are we saying about the capacity of human beings, left to their own devices, to make responsible choices and decisions? Is this a view of human nature that you share?

    3. Review this week's VERY rich and informative reading on critical thinking called: http://www.criticalthinking.org/pages/becoming-a-critic-of-your-thinking/478

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    Xenia Jones

    Ethics, Sexuality & Critical Thinking

    - On Homosexuality

    In Waller's (2011) book, he introduces us to ethics - the theories, issues and readings that further our understanding of it. Ethics is the study of concepts of right and wrong wherein what constitutes and standardizes either becomes the center of discussion. It is also termed as moral philosophy because it explores what is moral (and what isn't). In Chapter 18, we find the opposing views of Finnis & Corvino, with the former opposed to homosexual sex and the latter in support of it. Corvino defends homosexual sex in that he argues that the 'sexual organs' that we have has multiple purposes and sexual encounters or purpose should not be limited towards procreation alone. I tend to take the position of Finnis however in that I believe that homosexual sex is not natural. Human biology is built so that sex has a purpose and the relationship ...

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