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    Has Past Treatment of Homosexuality Been Successful?

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    Has the treatment homosexuality in the past or present been ethical or effective? Suggested articles as well.

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    2. Has the treatment homosexuality in the past or present been ethical or effective? Suggested articles.

    Most would argue that it has not been ethical, and there has been some success stories in conversion therapy (see attached article).

    Historically, treatment types for homosexuality changes based on how society defined homosexuality.

    For example, it has been historically defined as sin or possession of evil spirits, mental illness, same-sex attraction, a personal choice e.g. sexual orientation and innate characteristic of individual. Each proposed cause is linked to a different type of therapy, which is defined by other in terms of ethical or not ethical. Here too, one's personal theory about homosexuality will determine if the treatment is seen as being ethical or unethical.

    Let's look at several historical causes and the types of treatment used.

    1. Homosexuality as a sin or Evil spirit Possession

    (Treatment: Punishment, Exercise Evil Spirits, Abstain from acting on same sex attraction, conversion therapy)

    Historically, homosexuality was considered a sin (and still is according to some religions as stated in their Holy writings); a mental illness, a personal choice and an innate trait that a person is born with. Different treatments are linked to these proposed causes of homosexuality. The sin or evil spirit explanation resulted in some form of exorcism to rebuke Satan and evil spirits or confession and asking for forgiveness from God for the sin and ask for help to keep them form temptations; and not engaging in the sin no longer; it is like other temptations; one must resist the urge. Presenting, some churches accept homosexuality, while other still insist that the person ...

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