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Multcultural Concepts and Gender Differences

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Cultural Differences

Use the following two multicultural concepts:

• Gender identity
• Sexual identity/orientation

Prepare a 1,050- to 1,400-word paper in which you analyze your selected multicultural concepts. Point out their significance in understanding cultural differences.

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Solution Summary

This solution discusses cultural and gender differences, and multicultural concepts in relation to sexual identity and sexual orientation.

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NOTE: I will provide information for you to complete your paper; however, I will not write the paper for you. I hope this information on the following two topics help you to complete the paper. Good luck

(a) Gender identity

Research suggest that gender is a quintessential element of human identity, because all a person does is governed by his or her gender (Egan & Perry, 2001). For instance, as they point out, questions emerge regarding how one fits into a specific gender category, or how they adhere to sexual stereotypes. Further context of roles as they relate to gender identity. Gender role conflict is a concept used to refer to rigid restrictions as to what males and females should or should not do based on gender stereotype (Wester, Vogel, O'Neia, & Danforth, 2011). The discussion on gender role has been debated as being detrimental to the health of both men and women (Pinel, 2006). He maintains that in determining gender roles based on biological factors is a mistake. His reference to the mamawawa theory suggests that men and women are more similar than dissimilar. The mamawawa theory holds that maleness and femaleness are discrete mutual, exclusive, but complementary categories (p. 118).

In their view, Egan and Perry (2001) offer a different conceptualization of gender identity as a multidimensional construct encompassing an individuals that consists of: (a) knowledge of membership in a category, (b) compatibility with his or her gender group, c (pressure for gender conformity, and (d) attitudes toward gender groups. Research also reveals that gender identity is a serious problem among adolescents based on the number of behavioral problems that include personal and societal problems (Wolf & Mash, 2006). For instance, their report that estimates of mental health treatment expenditures for adolescents in the United States are substantial. As example, adolescents encounter disorders such as: (a) conduct disorder, (b) substance abuse disorder, (c) eating disorders, (d) anxiety disorders, (e) relationship and /or violence disorders, and attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) all associated with gender identity (p. 3)

Recent studies have documented that performance is hindered when individuals feel that a sociocultural group to which they belong is ...

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