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Topics in Multicultural Studies

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Select two of the following multicultural concepts:

· Individualism versus collectivism
· Bicultural conflict
· Acculturation
· Culture and aggression
· Gender identity
· Sexual identity/orientation
· Racial identity
· Ethnic identity
· Cultural identity
· Religion

I need help starting on a paper in which I analyze selected multicultural concepts. I need to point out their significance in understanding cultural differences.

Cite at least two references in your paper to support your analysis.

Please be sure to not plagiarize because I need to know where the information came from in order to site you correctly or research more to elaborate on a topic chosen

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Sexual identity/orientation

Erikson wrote of identity versus role confusion and their relationship. Erikson believed that an identity versus role confusion crisis must occur by adolescent. Different areas of development are occurring during this time physical, cognitive, moral and psychosocial development. In these stages teenagers must choose from among many options for values in life and beliefs concerning things on a multicultural arena such as political issues, career options and marriage. Teens who are not successful with developing a consistent sense of "self" will develop lack of trust in others, feelings of guilt ad shame, low self esteem and ...

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