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Mixed Methods Research

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Post a brief synopsis of the mixed methods studies you found and provide the full APA citation, as well as a brief paragraph that explains the contribution the study makes to Managing multicultural workplaces, either directly or tangentially. In the text of your posting, introduce and summarize the mixed methods studies as a collection, and post at least two questions that will elicit suggestions and further responses.

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I have provided a lot of information for you to create the synopsis from. I also included my thoughts on how this will help multicultural workplaces.

I would ask:

Will any methods examined in this study work in all other industries? Why or why not?

Can using such a small sample be considered a good indication of the population as a whole?

This study investigates the attempts of sea and shipping companies to employ multicultural crews. The main reason stems from the need for crew and the multicultural nature of the crews hired. Most countries have shipping interests that hire their own nationality as officers and third world citizens as workers. However, the practice creates problems in multicultural exchanges, despite all using the maritime applied legal system. This system of hiring is most common in Europe and the Scandinavian countries. The paper examines the system and the effects on the performance of multicultural crews. The paper makes clear that such hiring practices have become more difficult since officers are more scarce in current times.
Studies have been done to analyze the risk of accidents when communication is weak because of multilingual crew. Osteng studied how workers' characterize their ...

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Mixed methods research is examined. A brief synopsis of the mixed methods studies are provided.

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