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    Mixed Method Research to Combine Mini Proposals

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    What would be the strengths and challenges of using a mixed method design. Consider how the two mini proposals might be combined to form a mixed method study and what would be the benefits and / or loss if a mixed methods approach was utilized.

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    The strengths of using a mixed method design are the ability to match the purpose of the method to the need in the study. The data can be triangulated and its validity established. In addition, the complementary relationship between qualitative and quantitative data can be established (1). Further, the mixed method helps offset the weaknesses of both quantitative and qualitative research. The mixed method also gives a more complete and comprehensive understanding of research problem. Finally, the mixed method helps explain findings and causal relationships.

    The challenges of using the mixed method are that such a research requires a lot of time and resources (2). Further, it may become difficult to ...

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