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    Mini Research Proposal

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    Case Study, Mixed Methods, and Program Evaluation

    This section discusses two distinct qualitative research methods: Case Study and Mixed Methods, while also addressing the role of qualitative research in the applied field of program evaluation.

    Create a Proposal
    Using information from course readings, create a "mini-proposal" which outlines a research project focused on a specific problem or question and utilizes a specific qualitative method. Emphasis should be placed on clear definition of the phenomena to be investigated, referenced procedures and methods for the investigation, and detailed description of the form and substance of expected findings from this mock study. This assignment should also address the strengths and weaknesses of applying qualitative methods as opposed to quantitative methods to answer the proposed research question.

    Support your paper with a minimum of 5 resources. In addition to these specified resources, other appropriate scholarly resources, including older articles, may be included.

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    Step 1
    When economic downturn happens, several companies incur losses, and go into liquidation. However, those companies that have exceptional leadership at the top manage to grow, and remain profitable even during economic downturns. This study will ascertain the leadership qualities of top leaders that lead to positive outcomes during economic downturn. The methodology with be the case study method and mixed methods.

    Step 2
    Statement of Problem:
    We want our companies to operate, growth and make profits, even when the economy is weak or in a recession. Today we have too many corporate failures that result in loss for shareholders and large layoffs of employees. Small and large businesses close down. Unemployed persons find jobs but these are not commensurate with the abilities of the employees. Also, they pay far less than what the workers deserve. Workers may be forced to delay retirement. The revised value of housing may mean higher payments. The debts will increase. Personal debts for individuals tend to increase. Corporate debt increases to a point that the company cannot repay its debts. If we ignore this problem large and important companies will go into liquidation forcing the economy into a greater crisis.
    We will use the case method and focus group interviews in exploring the leadership qualities that top management must possess to ensure that the company operates, growths, and makes a profit even if the economy is weak or in a recession (Regina Eisenbach, Kathleen Watson, Rajnandini Pillai, 1999). Business literature has shown that business leaders who have a clear vision. That is they know exactly what they want to achieve are able to lead companies well during economic recession. ...

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