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Occupational Stress

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Address a current issue or social problem in the human resource field that require additional research. Identify a problem or issue then write up a research problem statement to guide you on this research endeavour. Demonstrate your ability to critically think through a problem situation in today's workplace/marketplace. The format of the mini-research project proposal is as follows:

? Title
? Problem Statement
? Theoretical framework
? Research questions or propositions
? Methodology and/or research design with limitations
? Results and findings (what do you anticipate to discover)
? Conclusions and recommendations (what assumptions are you making as you propose this study?)
? How do you propose that this research contributes to new knowledge in the human resource?

Please consider any possible or anticipated results and findings, as well as conclusions and recommendations. Finally, include how you believe, based upon the literature that the research would contribute to new knowledge in one's field of study. Please annotate your reference.

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This detailed response will greatly aid you in the formation and completion of your assignment. This response contains 1916 words and 5 references in APA format. Here is a small sample of what you will see: Occupational stresses produce a wide range of objectionable, costly, and weakening consequences, all affecting both the organization as well as the individual. In a workplace atmosphere, stress is a foremost supplier to the welfare....Thank you and good luck!!

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