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theoretical framework

Compose a 2-3 page theoretical framework for the hypothesis "There is no relationship between job stress and job performance". Use sources available on the web to support your arguments. Please site references.

Please use the attached paper along with other web resources. Please reference sources.

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H5: There is no relationship between job stress and performance. This hypothesis is not supported by evidence. The reason is that people cannot ignore job stressors. They are emotional beings and stress is a natural response. Stress causes an interaction between the situation and the person. Stress results in a mental, emotional and physical state when the individual struggles to cope with the situation. From this it follows that workplace stress has a large impact on productivity and job performance (Ferns, 2007). A close relationship has been found between job stress and performance. Job performance can be broken down into three areas namely, skill, effort, and work condition. Typically Job stress can be caused by conflict with management, fear of change, fear of dismissal, and conflict with co-workers( Hauck, Snyder, & Cox-Fuendzlida, 2008). Job stressors reduce the individual's capacity to exert control over their work environment, adversely affecting their ability to function (Bakker, Demerouti, & Verbeke, 2004).
There is an intrinsic link between psycho-social aspects of the job and the health and well being of workers (Dollard and Metzer 1999). Also it has been found that work related stress costs the national economy a large amount in sick pay, lost productivity, health care and litigation costs (Palmer et al. 2004). Moreover, it has been found that stressed workers are more likely to be less productive at work (ILO ...

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