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Theoretical Concepts Associated with Piaget and Bolles

Need help making the framework associated with Piaget and Bolles. I have attached the reading I had to work with also.

Provide a framework for the theoretical concepts associated with the model. Using. Piaget for Cognitive and Bolles for Neuro-physiological and Evolutionary.

Piaget - Intelligence, Schemata, Assimilation and accommodation, equilibration and interiorization. I will be touching on those just a bit, but need to explain the concepts.

Bolles- I will touch on the Bolles theory of learning. Need to add to it by explaining its major theoretical concepts.


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Key Concepts - Piaget

Schemas - A schema describes both the mental and physical actions involved in understanding and knowing. Schemas are categories of knowledge that help us to interpret and understand the world. In Piaget's view, a schema includes both a category of knowledge