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    Cognitivist theories

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    Read the story "Kermit and the Keyboard" along with the 3 different cognitivist approaches to this story in the attached text.
    Compare and contrast the 3 different cognitivist theories in this situation.
    Include what elements are unique to each viewpoint and which are discussed by all
    In the ones discussed by all, what elements are viewed in the same manner, and which ones are viewed differently?

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    Bruner and Vygotsky both advocated interactional theories to explain cognitive learning behaviours wherein the theoretical framework is predicated upon the cognitive development as it relates to how the individual learns as opposed to the learning itself. This theoretical perspective is represented through Kermit's decision to study the keyboard to begin with as he previously had practiced extensively with musical instruments and has a cultural milieu in the arts. Therefore, taking up a musical instrument that is new and more challenging than the previous instruments he had experience with validates the interactional theory wherein Vygotsky would propose that Kermit (the individual) was interacting with ...

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    The expert examines cognitivist theories for Kermit and the Keyboard. Three different cognitivist approaches are provided.