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Adult learning theories

Of the five major adult learning schools of thought (behaviorist, cognitivist, humanist, social and constructivist) or five orientations to learning, this job evaluates which has the most applicability to the field of andragogy. The solution also shows how one of the five orientations to learning can be applied to a classroom or workplace situation. What impact would that theory have on interpersonal relationships, instructional strategies, and desired behavioral outcomes?

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Research Link / Caution: Constructivism Ahead Holloway, Educational Leadership, 57(3). November 1999.

Several major components of andragogy, as stated by Knowles, are the move to independency and self-directedness and building learning upon prior experiences. Andragogy is generally seen as a contrast to pedagogy; where lecture, rote learning, and teacher-directed experiences are considered to be pedagogical techniques, andragogical techniques may include group explorations, independent experiments, and experiential ...