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    Quantum Learning

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    Elaborate on the topics and theories from the Jane Vella (2002) book as well as the related topic and theory 'Quantum Learning' from the Jossey-Bass (2002). Discuss the degree to which you agree or disagree with the topics and theories.

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    Quantum Learning: Teaching as Dialogue. By: Vella, Jane. New Directions for Adult & Continuing Education. Spring2002, Issue 93, p73.

    Jane Vella's theories of adult learning are predicated upon the notion that no two people perceive the world from the same vantage point. Using quantum learning enables society to move toward a society where no one is excluded because of how they learn or view certain concepts required for learning. This is because of her ideas that encourage dialogue among teachers and adult learners through effective principles derived from quantum thinking (Vella, 2002).

    Quantum thinking views each separate way of thinking, including serial thinking, associative, ...

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    The solution discusses Quantum Theory and whether to agree or not agree to the theory.