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    Quantum Dots

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    I need a summary of the article.

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    Quantum dot imaging for embryonic stem cells

    This section provides a good summary of what the article is about. Essentially researchers used several different quantum dots (very small particles that emit light when exposed to an excitation wavelength) to visualize several colors in ES cells using only one wavelength. Researchers hope that these quantum dots will provide a better non-toxic way of following cells as they develop in an embryo (lineage tracing) without damaging or altering the cells.

    To understand the significance of lineage testing and the limitations of current techniques. This information can be found in the introduction.

    Compared to other imaging techniques currently used in live tissues (such as dyes and fluorescent proteins), quantum dots are incredibly small (less likely to interfer with the normal processes in the cell), have a wide range of excitation spectra with both broad and ...

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    Several paragraph summary of a research article about using quantum dots in lineage studies.