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Quantitative Methods: The Effect of Allergy Relief Medicine

Please apply quantitative methods for the following case.

A pharmaceutical company conducted a study to evaluate the effect of an allergy relief medicine. 250 patients with symptoms that included itchy eyes and a skin rash received the new drug.

The results of the study are as follows:
80 of the patients treated experienced eye relief,
154 had their skin rash clear up, and
45 experiences relief of both itchy eyes and skin rash.

What is the probability that a patient who takes the drug will experience relief of at least one of the two symptoms?

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For this problem, you would need to draw a Venn Diagram (the overlapping circles). I cannot draw one here, but imagine the following:

A square contains 250 dots spaced evenly in it (representing the 250 test subjects).

Two circles are drawn in the circle overlapping slightly in the middle.

The first circle (called ...

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The probability that a patient that takes a new allergy relief medicine and will develop side effects is determined.