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Combination of four quantum numbers

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6. What does the combination of four quantum numbers (QN) specify?

What does the combination of two quantum numbers specify?

List the possible values of l if n = 3

List the possible values of ml if l = 3

Which of the following combination of quantum numbers (QN) are allowed (circle)?

n = 2, l = 0 n = 2, l = 3 n = 4, l = 2, ml = 0 n = 2, l = 1, ml = -1 n = 3, l = 1, ml = 0, ms = + 1/2 n = - 2

How many orbitals for a given n will have l = 2? If l = 0? If l = 1? If l = 3?

What is the subshell name if l = 3? If l = 0? If l = 1? If l = 2?

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The expert determines what the combinations of four quantum numbers specify.

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6. What does the combination of four quantum numbers (QN) specify?
Ans: An electron in an atom is signified by the four quantum numbers, that is,
i) Principal quantum number :'n' --- It signifies the energy of the orbit and the distance of the electron from the nucleus. Higher the value of n, more far is the orbit from the nucleus and greater the energy associated with the electron. The number of electrons in an orbit is signified by principal quantum number. It is equal to "2n2'.
ii) Azimuthal quantum number 'l': --- It specifies the shape of the orbital. If l=0, the orbital is spherical in shape (s-orbital). If l=1, the ...

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