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    Spectrum, Quantum Numbers, and Orbital Shapes

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    1. When an electrical discharged is passed through hydrogen gas, a unique four line spectrum is observed. One of the two blue wavelengths is observed at 411 nm. Calculate the frequency of this blue line. {See attachment for multiple choice options}

    2. Calculate the engergy if 3 moles of photons are produced if the frequency of the second blue line in the hydrogen spectra equals {see attachment} Hz. {See attachment for multiple choice options}

    3. Which of the following statments is false? {See attachment for multiple choice options}

    4. How many electrons in an atom can have the following quantum numbers: {see attachment}? {See attachment for multiple choice options}

    5. Which of the following oribtal shapes can be described by n = 4, f = 1? {See attachment for multiple choice options}

    6. From the following list of atoms {see attachment}, select the atom that most appropriately describes the statement: {See attachment for multiple choice options}

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    Answer: e )7.30 x 10^14 Hz
    f = c / lambda
    c = speed of light = 3x 10^8 m/s
    lambda = 411 nm = 411x 10^(-9) m
    Therefore f = c / lambda =(3x 10^8 m/s )/ 411x 10^(-9) m= 7.30 x 10^14 Hz

    Answer: e 8.27 x 10^5 Joules
    E=h nu
    E= energy of photon
    h=Planck's constant= 6.63x10^(-34) joule-sec
    nu = frequency=6.91x10^14 Hz
    Therefore E=h nu = 6.63x10^(-34) joule-sec x 6.91x10^14 ...

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