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    Theories of Adult Learning Principles

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    Once the training analysis is completed, the organization and employee development human resources specialist uses adult learning theories to turn the training needs into training materials, courses, and instructional design.

    Address the following elements of understanding the adult learning model:

    Explain the theories of adult learning principles.
    Compare the differences between child/adolescent and adult learning models (pedagogy and andragogy).
    Discuss the concept of learning styles, personalities, and how these concepts are combined with adult learning in organizational training and development programs.
    Explore the options that organizations have in applying adult learning to a comprehensive training and development program.

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    The training model for adults and children are geared towards successful retention of core components for long-term understanding of content. Therefore, the role of training models presents an opportunity to adjust procedures or protocols for effectively teaching the adult or child. The senior level management team and human resources department works together to designing the appropriate training workshop for their employees.

    Let's take a look at several core areas of focus:

    Explain the theories of adult learning principles.

    The Andragogy objective is a theory that sets assumptions about how adults learn on the basis of valuing a process honed on problem-based and collaborative methodology, rather, than the emphasis on equality interaction between a teacher or actual adult (learner). Some core attributes identified with theories of adult learning principles:

    1. Adult learners have real life experiences that can connect to the actual training material being learned that can further enrich their understanding.

    2. With most adult learners they are known for being goal oriented, which, the adult learners are more adapted to completing training.

    3. Adult learners appreciate the level of respect during the course of training.

    4. Adult learners are known for being very practical and ...

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    The theories of adult learning principles are examined.