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Motivating and Engaging to Learn

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Consider why are some of the reasons behind why adults have had a bad learning experience?

What are some adult learning theories that will be applied in the designing of this program that will make this program more engaging?

What would you say to this employee to motivate them to want to participate?

How can we increase his commitment to learning and to training?

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This solution discusses techniques to create a more motivational and engaging way for people to learn.

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Reasons why adults have had a bad learning experience

It is not easy to encourage adult employees to learn. They have the tendency to feel that they do not have the need to learn or participate in the learning process. They may feel that they already know a lot and that they will not be able to utilize what they would learn in the process.

The following are the reasons why an adult may have had a bad learning experience:

1. They may have not seen the need to learn. They do not understand the justification behind the learning process that must take place.
2. The goal is not clear. They were not stated in specific manner.
3. The learning process may have been too structured. Adults do not want to be placed in a box. They want a certain degree of flexibility.
4. The tasks may have not been within their interest.
5. Feedbacks on their performance have not been provided. They want to know ...

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