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    Case Study: Challenges in the Classroom of a High Need School

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    Loren is in her first year teaching in a high need school, with three months left until the end of the academic year. She implements fun and engaging activities in class and offers tutoring 3-4 times a week; however, one third of her students failed the last grading period. Several of these students consistently break established classroom rules by listening to their iPods, not turning in work, or engaging in off-topic conversation. Many of her students worry that because of all the distractions in class, they will not be prepared to pass the end-of-year standardized exam, which is required to move to the next grade level. Loren reaches out to her principal for help. The principal states that other teachers with the same level of experience are more effective and she assures her that she already reached out to them, as well as more experienced teachers, for advice.

    I need help with these questions:

    1. What are the likely causes of the challenges in her classroom?

    2. Explain two strategies for addressing these challenges, including why she chose these strategies.

    3. What is the likelihood that Loren could ensure high academic achievement for all of her students, and why?

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    Loren is still new in the teaching profession. Among her strengths is her knowledge in terms of instruction by conducting fun and engaging activities in the classroom that motivate her students. She is also passionate in her job and is truly concerned of the welfare of her students, making sure she tries her best to help those who needed a more exclusive teaching time by offering tutoring classes.

    However, she needs improvement in her classroom management. She must establish classroom rules and procedures which she must also implement firmly. Since she already has rules, there is a need ...