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    Teaching in Underprivileged Areas

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    The benefits of accepting a teaching position at a school that is in a very poor and underprivileged area.

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    Yes, I would accept a teaching position at a school in a poor or underpriviliged area. The challenges faced by these students are real and often overwhelming. However, as a teacher I find it rewarding when I can see real improvement in my students as I teach them. Someimes it is easier to see growth in students who are behind (such as very poor students). A master teacher can help students blossom especially in underprivileged areas. It would be challenging, of course, but the need for master teachers in these areas is critical.

    Challenges I would face as a teacher would include finding enough money to purchase materials for my students, making ...

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    Do not overlook the joys of teaching in an underprivileged area. There are many benefits that outweigh the negatives in this type of educational setting.