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Why Teach in a Rural School/Games for Math

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1.Where would you want to teach: in an urban or rural high-need school? Why?

2. Imagine a situation in which you are required to explain a complex concept in the field of mathematics to high school students. Describe the approach you would use and why you feel it would be effective.

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1. Answer to problem #1

Your problem #1 asks that you answer the question "why" in either rural "OR" urban high-need school. I shall attempt to help you for a "Rural" school.


Teaching is the noblest of all professions. Many may opt to be teachers, but only few can be called "genuine" teachers. Teaching is a Vocation - a calling to follow the great teachers like Jesus Christ for the Christians, Mohammad for the Mohammedans and Confucius for the Chinese. These great teachers taught the ignorant, the poor, the afflicted, and the victims of injustices. For a genuine teacher, the pupil and their needs are of prime importance. The place where education may take place, urban or rural, does not really matter.

Given the choice why one may want to teach in a rural high-need school, these are some possible reasons:

First: Teaching in a rural school is more Challenging.

The rural high-need school classroom is generally perceived as one where the pupils come from poor and underprivileged families. In the absence of the modern educational technologies like the computers and internet, the teacher is greatly challenged to devise indigenous educational technologies and to plan the lesson using materials and instructional strategies that suit the level of need of the pupils. The teacher becomes creative and her/his skills are constantly tested. The more these skills are tested, the more they are sharpened, and the more the teacher becomes effective.

Second. Teaching in a rural school is more Rewarding.

Teaching may not be as financially rewarding as other professions, but the non-monetary rewards are never comparable. Rural folks are simple and more appreciative. The respect, the love, and the appreciation that are afforded by the pupils/students to the teacher have no monetary ...

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Three practical reasons for teaching in a a rural high-need school, and the implied requirements for effective teaching;

Alternative teaching strategy in teaching Mathematics to high school students using Games.