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    Elementary Education: Mobile Learning

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    With the explosive growth of powerful hand-held devices and cell phones, many educators are researching the potential of mobile learning. Select a topic that interests you or a topic suitable for a grade level at which you want to teach. Post links to three sites on the Web that provide mobile learning content which you can play on a hand-held device. Analyze each site's effectiveness and summarize your findings here.

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    One lesson objective for kindergarten students or topic for students of this age is developing an awareness of letters. At the beginning of the school year, the children begin to become aware that words are made up of letters. They learn that the letters make specific sounds, and when you combine those sounds, they make words. They begin by using worksheets and learning activities that are primarily based on phonics, verbal comprehension, vocabulary building, fluency in reading, and following instructions (1).

    As a kindergartener, they learn the foundation of beginning skills, focusing on the alphabet and letter sounds, awareness of ...

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    Discusses how hand-held devices such as iPad, cell phones, and tablets, can be used to assist children in learning. This solution gives examples of websites that are excellent for learning activities for children grades kindergarten through 8th grade.