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    Need for college education

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    College education is needed more in this workforce than in the past. The United States is not a manufacturing country anymore like we were post WWII. The world has changed. Many of these jobs have been outsourced abroad where wages and salaries are much lower than here in the U.S. The United States and its citizens have to educate themselves to compete better in areas like IT and innovation. Companies have to be created like they were in the 90's where we can lead the world in renewable energy sources and mobile technology. Many of our U.S. tech based companies are moving in that direction. The only way for Americans to stay competitive in a globalized economy is to continue to educate themselves and learn new things. explain

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    Gaining education accomplishes several things. First a college education is about learning to think and analyze rather than memorize and learn formulaic equations. Critical thinking is a cornerstone of college learning and is more applicable in the real world and now global world because one has to apply methods and ...

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    An explanation of a statement given about college and it need in the changing U.S.