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Why College is Worth the Time and Money

How to write a persuasive essay on why a college education is worth the time and money.

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When you write a persuasive essay the first thing you should do is establish an overall argument and then use specific examples to support your statements.
<br><br>To start off you need to formulate an introduction. Give an overview as to what you want to address in your paper and then in the last sentence of this introduction state your thesis. For instance, you might argue that , "A college education is worth the time and money because it promotes economic opportunities, improves the quality of life, and is beneficial to society in providing educated citizens." Or something along these lines that you feel is important to your argument.
<br><br>Then in your first body paragraph (given the sample thesis statement above) you should address how a ...

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This solution provides tips into writing a persuasive essay. This essay focuses on why an individual should invest the time and money to obtain a college degree.