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Weber's Model of Bureaucracy and McDonaldization

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In your opinion, analyze how an online college education uses Weber's model of bureaucracy.

What elements (efficiency, calculability, predictability, and control) of McDonaldization might you expect to see with online college education courses?


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An online college education uses the Weber's model of bureaucracy due to the fact that it has an ingrained and institutionalized merit-based systematic method of employing and utilizing highly educated instructors, as well as utilizing this merit-based system in grading the work of students. An online college education also utilizes Weber's model of ...

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I'm looking for a page (400-500 words) to get me started on a three page paper. I am planning on choosing the effects of "McDonaldization" of society and it's impact on small businesses. Also, I want to touch on the evolution of formal organizations and how the changing nature of work environments benefit or hinder an employee.

I don't want the entire project done, just a couple hundred words on both topics to get off and running.

Thanks for your help,

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