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    Effects of "McDonaldization"

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    I'm looking for a page (400-500 words) to get me started on a three page paper. I am planning on choosing the effects of "McDonaldization" of society and it's impact on small businesses. Also, I want to touch on the evolution of formal organizations and how the changing nature of work environments benefit or hinder an employee.

    I don't want the entire project done, just a couple hundred words on both topics to get off and running.

    Thanks for your help,

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    Thank you for using BrainMass. The solution below should get you started. In this particular task, I see that you are continuing your studies of the phenomenon known as McDonaldization and you are asking for points so as to get you started on a 3-page paper. I shall assume that this 3 page paper will be divided between these 3 topics so we should have 3 separate outlines for both giving you 1 page for each. I suggest 350-400 words for each (if you will follow the double space standard) using these 3 outlines:

    Topic A
    1. McDonaldization - definition - 150 words
    2. Impact on small businesses - 150 words
    3. Examples - 100 words

    Topic B
    1. Formal Organizations - definitions - 150 words
    2. How they evolve - 150 words
    3. Examples of Evolved Organizations - 100 words

    Topic C
    1. Work & Change - 150 words
    2. Observed Trends, past & present - 150 words
    3. Benefit or hindrance? Present your opinion, with reasons why - 100 words

    The above outlines should yield you around 400 words each plus focuses you on how you should discuss each topic. The information below has been based on this. You can also use the listed resources to further explore the topic. As I have worked on a longer explanation of Topic B, should you need it, you can find already published material on this in the BrainMass Library. All the best with your studies.

    AE 105878/Xenia Jones

    A. McDonaldization of Society

    In 1993, sociologist George Ritzer published a book entitled, "The McDonaldization of Society". In it, he utilized the theory of Max Weber in decoding and analyzing the impact of social and structural change in the manner by which modern society functions. The term McDonaldization for Ritzer refers to the manner by which the present social dynamics runs in such a way that sameness is rationalized and achieved. He looked at the international chain 'McDonalds' in terms of applying Weber's theory in that the fast-food restaurant rationalizes and imposes ways of eating, dining out and interacting according to the function of their restaurant - fast-food, easy access, inexpensive fare, sameness in offerings in every branch, all over the world. He expanded Weber's idea that such attitudes and practice seep into daily practice not just of members of the organization but into the lives and thinking of people who become familiar with the fast-food chain and its success has impacted others to either adapt or challenge the phenomenon, impacting society in a variety of ways, both negatively and positively. From this, he expanded his observation of the process of rationalization and sameness to culture so that he observed that society strives now for efficiency, calculability, predictability and standardization as well as control. These 4 elements have become adapted into the practice of fast-food industries, although pioneered by McDonald's. For Ritzer (1993), the 4 elements have now become expected outcomes by consumers of their fast-food and of the goods and services they enjoy or strive 4 and since they have ascribed to it, elements of it can be seen in the manner by which people live their lives, changing society in ways of living and thinking.


    While McDonaldization can challenge small businesses to renew their approach to business so that their offerings are also the same as that of McDonalds to compete - they've strived to be more efficient, calculated, predictable and controlled - this means that in certain areas, they lose creativity and the ability to compete as some business owners see the approach by McDonalds as well as their economic power as impossible to compete with. Bruenderman (2009) writes that, "Efficiency and McDonaldization do have negative side effects. These ...

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    The effects of "McDonalization" are provided. The formal change nature of the work environment to benefit or hinder an employee is given.