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Traditional Businesses versus McDonaldization

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How does the "McDonaldization" of society directly conflict with small business and the traditional "mom and pop" stores? In what ways do you believe "McDonaldization" has hurt these traditional businesses?

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As you explore how does the "McDonaldization" of society directly conflict with small businesses and the traditional "mom and pop" stores, I firmly believe that "McDonaldization" hurts these traditional businesses in such profound ways as well as American culture at large. Instead of offering lots of variety and cultural diversity as the "mom and pop" stores used to offer, this new concept makes all American towns and cities look the same like exact replicas: 1 Wal-Mart, 1 Taco Bell, CVS or WalGreens, ...

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This posting reiterates the effects of "McDonaldization" on traditional businesses. 300 words of personal reactions are included.

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