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    How Social Media Affects Businesses

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    Describe the change in how businesses view social media and how it affects their business. Are more companies "pushed by their consumers" or are they "pulling consumers?" Use examples of how companies have accomplished this task to support your perspective. In responding to classmates' postings discuss whether the example(s) identified were forced or welcomed by consumers or if both, and why.

    Please provide 2-3 paragraphs and give references and citation. Thank you.

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    In the past, businesses use the 'push marketing' concept to promote their products. The traditional way is to push the content to the customers by giving catalogs and brochures to them. Radio and television advertisements as well as direct mailing are other types of promotion materials that companies use to 'push' their products and services to the consumers. The idea is to promote the message in however way the marketer wants it to be. It is the seller or the ...

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    Push marketing and pull marketing defined, what causes the shift of marketing approaches, examples of pull marketing techniques are examined. The solution is 306 words with 2 APA references.