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Technology Use in the Workplace

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The actual case study analysis:
When considering the impact of the information age on business, what are some issues business owners should address in deciding to use information technology. Would the type of business determine the appropriate information system? What are some types of organizational processes and procedures in businesses that could be improved using information systems? What type and why?
Compare the organizational and procedural process needed to manage information in a:
Small & medium size (international business)
A large global busines

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Potential issues business owners should consider in utilizing information technology is how much access to internal data is granted to employees, what employees are permitted to do with business owned hardware and internet connections, along with how to address social media usage.

Some businesses grant employees access to their basic demographic data, to permit updates to address, phone numbers and emergency contacts. Others allow employees access to this basic data on all personnel. Management must consider at what point is data "basic" versus "personal" and all employees should not be able to access it.

Personal use of organizational hardware/software assets is another area ...

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With social media and internet use available in the workplace, organizations must consider the degree of access to data is allowed with employees. Businesses must determine the appropriate levels of use with its information systems that give employee access; but ultimately without negative consequences for the organization. This solution is about 400 words and has a reference.

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