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This addresses how PR can promote workplace diversity.

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How can PR help to promote workplace diversity?

Does the use of technology as a communication medium dehumanize relationship building? Explain your answer.

I could really just use some suggestions on with both questions, maybe some key points to hit.

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I could really just use some suggestions on with both questions, maybe some key points to hit.

1. How can PR promote workplace diversity?

Basically, when we define the most core element of PR, we are dealing with how the public sees the company, and the image that the public has formed of the company. PR is the main form of contact that the company has with the public, and this is seen through the company's campaigns and marketing strategies. One of the most noticeable elements of PR and diversity to the public is when the company does not promote diversity through their advertising. There are a few companies who routinely use predominantly white families in their advertisements, and who routinely exclude African Americans, Asians, and all other races. A research report in the UK ...

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The solution discusses how PR can help promote workplace diversity.

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