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    Marketing Questions - PR Functions

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    1. How does the PR function in an e-business organization differ from a brick-and-mortar organization? How has PR affected your life and your family? What current events are greatly affected by PR? What is the future of PR?

    2. How does the lack of cultural understanding impact the coverage of a media issue? How are PR and international politics intertwined? How does PR influence the economy in various countries?

    3. Are PR professionals influenced by the political correctness of their organizations? Why or why not? What stereotypes do you see in the advertising media? What is the impact of these stereotypes? How can PR help to promote workplace diversity?

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    Answer 1
    In the E-business the PR function is quite different from its functions in brick and mortar organization. In the brick and mortar the PR functions are more concerned towards the clear strategies and bottom line objectives to enhance relationship with the public. On the other hand, in e-business organization the most important function of the PR professionals is to enable the customers to access all the significant events of an organization. In e-business environment the consideration of PR is mainly on the reflection of the customer need in its strategies so that it can fit within society (Oliver, 2004). The PR affects the life of the customers and their family as it provides the most significant events and the changes in the products and technology of a business that helps to determine valuable choice.
    Currently the election of the president in the USA and the acquisition and merger activities in the business environment such as negotiation between Google and China are greatly affected by PR. The change in the business strategies due to customer reaction is also an important event that is affected by PR. The public relation will develop continuously in the future as it is important part of the business strategy to communicate with the external public. The increase in the use of ...

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    PR function for an e-business organization is discussed. Public relations and international politics are compared.