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Discussing Functions of Public Relations

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Can you please explain the organizational and societal functions of public relations (PR). From the following list can you help me identify which ones are organizational and which are societal? I also need to understand at least one function considered to be an organizational function of PR and one function considered to be societal function.

If you can, try to explain why they are categorized as such (organizational or as societal). What similarities and differences exist between the organizational functions and societal functions of PR?

a. Communications management
b. Relationship management
c. Media Relations
d. Publicity
e. Marketing communications
f. Employee relations
g. Investor relations
h. Social responsibility
i. Community relations
j. Consumer relations
k. Government affairs
l. Public affairs and issues management

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From a to e are the organizational functions of PR and rest are societal functions. "Public relations is the management function that identifies, establishes and maintains mutually beneficial relationships between an organization and various 'publics' on whom its success or failure depends" (Effective Public Relations by S. Cutlip , A. Center, and G. Broom). Public relations people work for businesses, government agencies, professional and trade associations, nonprofit charities, schools and universities, hospitals, hotels, and many more organizations. They work for large and small organizations. Many public relations people work entirely within their own country; others practice their profession on a global basis.

Organizational functions include the monitoring of attitudes of the organization's publics and distributes information and communication to build goodwill. It includes:
a. Communications ...

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