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Workplace surveillance explanation

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Suppose you are asked to prepare a memo on workplace surveillance. Include discussions on legislation, controversies, and future direction. with references

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FROM John Davis, HR Manager
DATE: March 16, 2014
SUBJECT: Workplace Surveillance.
Workplace surveillance has become important as the technology for surveillance improves. This memo discusses the legal perspective, controversies, and future direction in workplace surveillance.

There are several laws that affect workplace surveillance. The Federal Privacy Act affects federal employees and private employers who have federal contracts. The Federal Wiretapping Act/ Electronic Communications Privacy Act does not allow intentional interception of disclosure of communication where there is reasonable expectations of privacy. However, in general the employer has the legal right to read e-mail, review files, examine computer usage, track individual computer activity and use surveillance cameras to monitor employees. In the US about half the employees have been disciplined and nearly one fourth of companies' surveyed had terminated employees for inappropriate use of internet. The workplace surveillance has some limitation. Employee Polygraph Protection Act of 1988 disallows employer from using the lie detector tests for pre-employment or during employment screening. The Fourth Amendment doesn't apply to a private employer's property. The common law claim for intrusion on seclusion means ...

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