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    Ethical issue for electronic monitoring of truck drivers on the road

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    Many owners of trucking companies use electronic communications equipment to monitor their drivers on the road. They say that the devices allow them to remain competitive and to serve their customers better by delivering shipments of vital materials exactly when their customers need them. They also point out that the equipment can improve road safety by ensuring that drivers get the hours of rest the law requires.

    Opponents argue that the surveillance devices work against safety. 'The drivers know they're being watched', says one trucker. 'There's an obvious temptation to push'. What do you think? What ethical issues does the use of such equipment create? Support your answer with evidence from material from an outside source or personal experience.

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    Ethical Issues of the surveillance equipments:

    In the evolving business world, the practice of employee monitoring has increasingly gained presence in the organization. Employers are opting to place surveillance equipment so that they observe all the moves that the employees are taking. This is to help the employers to stay in control of all the operation that are being undertaken in the workplace. A workplace premises is an environment where persons working for an organization undertake their assigned duties. The employer has the right to observe the activities that take place in this workplace space (Westover, 2011).

    While the use of surveillance equipments in the work place is permitted by the law as long as the employer meets the expected requirements, some ethical issues arise which can dent the image of the organization and its operations. The employer should ensure that the way they use the equipments is in accordance with the code of practice that the law stipulates. This will make the employees to feel safe and carry out their responsibilities are expected. When ...

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    The expert examines ethical issues for electronic monitoring of truck drivers on the road. The surveillance devices are examined.