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Quality Assurance

Explain Quality Assurance.

Who is responsible for quality assurance in a trucking company?

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1. Explain Quality Assurance.

Quality Assurance is a formal methodology designed to assess the quality of products or services provided. Quality assurance includes formal review of care, problem identification, corrective actions to remedy any deficiencies and evaluation of actions taken. Quality assurance assumes compliance to pre-established quality measures. Quality assurance also assumes that the organization has taken the necessary precautions so that the entire production of a product or service is within specifications under a wide range of operations. To do this, the organization finds that this usually requires that the production process is mastered and monitored using indicators. For example, quality assurance is built-in the new ISO9000:2000 standard (Quality Assurance) ...

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This solution explains "Quality Assurance" and then explains who is responsible for quality assurance in a trucking company.