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    Quality Assurance and Improvement

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    500 words,

    1. Define quality assurance (QA) and quality improvement (QI). Give an example of how each applies to healthcare. Describe the differences between the two.
    2. identify the 3 ways to measure medical quality and briefly describe the relationships among them.
    3. identify the 3 principles of total quality and define each as they relate to healthcare.
    4. Define quality management (QM). Explain how QA and QI are part of QM.

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    I'll give you some basic information so then you can apply it to the health care sector within 500 words.

    Quality assurance differs from quality improvement in the sense that assurance demands a certain standard of quality be met, while improvement aims to raise that standard constantly. Both call can call for improvements, it's their goals that are different. Note that quality assurance creates safeguards against mistakes and flaws in service or product. So for example, if I am an apple producer, QA might take the form of making sure my equipment doesn't allow unsafe apples (with bugs and too loaded with pesticides) to pass through processing (and to improve processes if current outcomes don't meet these standards). QI, on the other hand, would be finding ways to raise that standard a bit, say for example, by making it even safer with less pesticide usage. Consider ...

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    A brief discussion on the difference between quality assurance and improvement, how this relates to quality management, the 3 principles of total quality and the 3 measures of quality. Some reference to how these relate to health care is also given.