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Continuous Improvement to Achieve Quality Assurance

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As the manager of a newly formed computer company, explain how you could meet the need for a continuous improvement program to achieve quality assurance goals. The solution utilizes a computer manufacturing company as the example; discussing three factors that should be analyzed in changing a work process: eliminating waste, reducing response time and simplify the process and/or product design.

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There are steps a new manager can take to support continuous improvement and quality assurance in the workplace. This solution discusses three steps to help increase efficiency, while maintaining quality. The solution is about 200 words.

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The following is based on a type of computer manufacturing company. In order to fulfill a continuous improvement program, there are three factors that must be analyzed:

1. Eliminate waste
2. Reduce response time
3. Simplify process or product design

With a new company, eliminating waste can be easily monitored by ...

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