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Quality Control in Project Management: Tools or techniques

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Prepare a report where the audience is the stakeholders of the clients' organizations. This input will be compared with that of other project managers. Survey quality management tools and techniques that are used in project quality planning, project quality assurance, and project quality control while providing perspective by outlining the overall project quality management process. Offer in-depth details of 2 or 3 tools or techniques.

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A) Project quality planning
This requires determining the following elements:
1. What needs to go through a quality check?
This is determining the critical aspect in the production process that need to be monitored closely to minimize possible occurrence of errors that will adversely affect product quality. This is to ensure that control efforts are not wasted.
2. What is the most appropriate way to check the quality?
The methods that will be used to objectively check quality must be identified. There are some companies that use some devices and equipment as means to check whether product aspects meet pre- determined standards. Other means require setting definite criteria upon which outcomes will be compared. This also means developing a plan with quantifiable measures for improvement.

3. When should it be carried out?
It is a decision on whether the management should be proactive or reactive. Being proactive means preventing errors before they occur. This also means preventing defect before they occur. This requires preparing the organization for ...

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Quality control in project management tools and techniques are examined.

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